Freddie Aguilar going to marry 16 year old girlfriend

Freddie Aguilar recently said that he’s in relationship with a 16 year old girl. In a recent report Freddie Aguilar admitted that he is dating someone who is 44 years younger to him. All in all news started when Freddie Aguilar was seen with the 16 year girl while attending the 5th Star Awards of music which was on at Solaire Resort & Casino in Pasay City.

The 60 year old singer Freddie Aguilar said this week that he was given the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 5th Star Awards for Music. Over there he was given a special recognition for his contribution to the local & International music.


Freddie Aguilar with her 16 year old girlfriend

The Freddie Aguilar said he did not know that his girlfriend is under age i.e. 16 years, but at first met of Freddie Aguilar and the girl made him fall in Love.

The top news is that Freddie Aguilar was seen kissing with her girl friend with whom he’s going to marry.

Below are the some photographs


Freddie Aguilar kissing her girlfriend

The iconic Filipino folk singer said that he was assuming the girl should be somehow 20 or 21 years old due to her well build body and mature looks.

Later Freddie Aguilar also said that there age gap will not lack any love difference between their relationships. Freddie Aguilar who is 60 with a 44 year of age gap with her girl friend said that both of them have to make adjustments for their relationship for long term run up.

What’s more going to happen with these love couple is that they are going to have baby planning. Freddie Aguilar has said that both of them have discussed about their future baby. Freddie Aguilar will be happy if he does have a Baby Boy. More far if he does not have a baby boy then he will keep trying to have another baby until they have got Baby son with them.

Along with the girl, her parents said that there nothing to worry about, as their parents approved there relation but with a warning sign that there girl should be careful because Freddie Aguilar is known to be a ladies’ man. Later Freddie Aguilar said that he will marry the girl after she’s legally age and well ready.

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